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"The Crusher"


We are very excited to announce the recent installation of our ‘Crusher’ finishing press that offers superior offline foil, emboss and die-cutting. It took a year of intense research and development to design and build our exclusive custom-made, one-of-a-kind Crusher Digital Finishing Press. Working in collaboration with CEI, a world-famous custom engineering company located in Northern California, and combining the equipment of three top manufacturers, we were able to create a finishing press that compares to no other in the world.

Complete with three flexo heads, which surpasses any other printing press out there, and a revolutionary foiling and embossing unit, this press offers our customers a multiple range of finishing opportunities that have never been available until now. And we are the only ones who have it.

 With extremely tight registration, we can now print metallic colors along with spot varnish on digital labels. Even more exciting, the foil and emboss unit can print multiple foil colors while offering embossing that cannot be matched – all in one pass. This is due to the fact that this machine “presses” the emboss four times more than any other equipment in the marketplace. The “crusher” will produce maximum deep, sculptured emboss detail while crushing lead time.

Contact us for a personal tour of our printing plant to see this revolutionary piece of equipment in action.


What our customers
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“We are so lucky to have Paragon Label as a strategic partner to make Artiste and Sunstone successful.”

Bion Rice, Winemaker
Artiste Winery &
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