Rotary Screen

RotarysamplesTexture, pop, gloss and glaze.

Rotary screen can add some spectacular effects to your label. A high build varnish can give highlighted areas of your label a super emboss feel while adding a high gloss. Using screen inks we can also add outstanding opacity and brilliance to colors as well as sparkle when metal flakes are added. Screen printing has traditionally been an expensive and slow process, but with rotary screen, those obstacles have been removed.

What our customers
are saying:

“Paragon has been amazing. Although we’ve had some really difficult die-cut shapes for our labels, that’s never caused them any issue. We make a LOT of different wines and there’s never been any mix-ups or confusion, which is almost unbelievable. Paragon’s staff is great to work with, the quality is fantastic, and they get things done on time. It’s such a relief knowing our labels are one less thing we need to worry about when it comes time to bottle. I think we can say without hesitation, you really want to work with Paragon!”

Brian Loring
President Loring Wine Company

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