LasersamplesUnique, rare, elegant,
eye catching, astonishing.

If these are the words that you’d love to hear people saying about your label and the product it represents, we’ve have the process and equipment to do it. We are proud to own the only Laserweb in the world. This high-tech machine is an engineering marvel that will add an exquisite effect to your labels that cannot be duplicated by any other method.

Laser cutting with our Laserweb allows us to produce incredibly precise, intricate cuts in your label giving it unique dimensional characteristics that will enhance it and ensure it stands out on the shelf. A label is worth a thousand words, so please contact us to get label samples using this special process.


Yes, we own the only Laserweb in the world. That is a pretty exclusive club. Laser cutting has been around for years and is gaining popularity quickly since it can produce some outstanding designs. What all the other laser cutters in the world cannot do, is offer interior laser cutting that will work on a high speed packaging system.

What does this mean? Our laser can cut a label to look like lace. It can cut the exterior shape of the label and also make interior cuts on the label at the same time while removing the excess material inside those cuts. This leaves a clean, delicate label that can be applied very easily. The laser does not cut into the liner so that there is no danger of liner breakage during application. A sales representative can explain this to you in greater detail, or you can come in to our factory and actually see the laser in operation. It is hard to explain, but amazing to witness.

Laser cut labels are just starting to hit the market. Consumers, designers, and customers are noting how unique and spectacular these labels look. Since they are so rare and so exquisite looking, they demand attention on the shelf, which face it, that’s what we’re all looking for.

Our laser cutting system has been used to produce label runs of a few hundred to a few hundred thousand. And without exception, our customer has been very, very pleased with the results. Laser details are also good for preventing counterfeiting since no one else has the capability to create this kind of label. That’s just one little benefit tied to the huge advantage of having a very distinctive look to your packaging that nobody else can duplicate. With your laser-cut design on your product - chances are you are going to be ahead of the pack – a great place to be in this fast-paced, consumer-driven market.