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The extraordinarily versatile WS6600 HP digital press was installed in a specially designed space in our printing plant in October, 2014. This amazingly fast, accurate and pristine press is the latest in fine digital printing technology and gives us tremendous capabilities during the bottling season.

HP is the undisputed leader in digital printing technology and we are proud to have been using their presses for more than seven years. This WS6600 digital press has advanced color management capabilities and will increase our capacity to produce orders faster while maintaining the finest quality printing in the wine industry. Our color consistency from run to run will be unmatched. Adding this new digital press from HP will put us on the cutting edge of digital printing technology for years to come.





It took a year of intense research and development to design and build our exclusive custom-made, one-of-a-kind Crusher Digital Finishing Press. Working in collaboration with CEI, a world-famous custom engineering company located in Northern California, and combining the equipment of three top manufacturers, we were able to create a finishing press that compares to no other in the world.

Complete with three flexo heads, which surpasses any other printing press out there, and a revolutionary foiling and embossing unit, this press offers our customers a multiple range of finishing opportunities that have never been available until now. And we are the only ones who have it.

With extremely tight registration, we can now print metallic colors along with spot varnish on digital labels. Even more exciting, the foil and emboss unit can print multiple foil colors while offering embossing that cannot be matched – all in one pass. This is due to the fact that this machine “presses” the emboss four times more than any other equipment in the marketplace. The “crusher” will produce maximum deep, sculptured emboss detail while crushing lead time.
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Creating wine labels has become big business in the North Bay, with everyone from marketing and design firms to paper manufacturers and label fabricators vying for the business of brands both big and small. Paragon Label of Petaluma is one company that’s carved out a niche for itself in this competitive industry. It was founded in 1999 as a division of Mrs. Grossman’s, one of the largest sticker manufacturers in the world (celebrating 35 years in business this year). 
Jason Grossman, president of Paragon Label and son of Mrs. Grossman’s founder, Andrea Grossman, says he remains in close contact with his distributors to keep up on the latest products available and constantly experiments with the products and tools already at his disposal to offer clients a range of design options.
Paragon is known for the intricate, laser cut designs it creates with its LaserWeb machine, the only one ever built. Most laser technology can cut only on the outside of a label in simple shapes, but the LaserWeb is able to make precise and intricate cuts on both the inside and outside of a label. The company also offers a new method of printing on wood veneer, which can be embossed, printed on and varnished to highlight the unique wood grains on each bottle.

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Beyond laser cutting, Paragon helps wineries bring their labels to the next level with high-end papers, unusual materials and cutting-edge security measures. A recent label for Breathless Wines (see "Tiny Bubbles") was printed on a pearlescent paper that mirrors satin ribbon in appearance and texture. “We used the Frozen Orion Diamond paper [by manufacturer Avery Dennison] and printed on that, then added foil and printed on top of the foil,” says Grossman. “It looks like jewelry and is a label I’m really proud of.”

Grossman thinks the next frontier in wine labelling is the addition of security features to protect brands from fake products being sold around the world. “As the wine market in China opens up, there have been big problems with counterfeit wine showing up,” he says. “Security measures are going to be critical, and there’s already so much we can do to prevent counterfeit bottles.”
To stay ahead of the problem, wineries can employ specialized papers and inks—or even add holograms. Paragon can also include QR (quick response) codes, linking consumers to winery websites or other information, and sequential numbering on bottles to help track inventory, commemorate special releases or even authenticate wine to prevent counterfeits.
“We have a lot of competitors who can put ink on paper, so we really do push the limits,” says Grossman. “We’ve gotten some business just because other printers have said no and we say, ‘Sure, we can figure that out."


North Coast Wine Industry Awards 2013: Label Printer of The Year

Paragon Label Has Laser Focus on Innovation


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Business Journal Staff Report

Paragon Label, a provider of digital and flexographic pressure-sensitive label printing, precision foiling, embossing and rotary screen printing services, has won more than three dozen national and international awards for technical excellence in label printing and for its innovative environmental practices.

While some 90 percent of Paragon’s labels are destined for the wine industry, the firm also produces labels for the spirits industry, cosmetic firms, nutraceutical suppliers, olive oil and balsamic vinegar producers as well as a candle-making company. The company has adapted laser technology, using equipment obtained from the former Lasercraft Inc., to add dynamic dimensions to the production of wine labels.

Led by founder Jason Grossman, chief executive officer, the 25-employee company operates five flexographic presses, one digital offset press, three off-line finishing machines, one laserweb device in a 55,000-square-foot printing plant shared with parent company Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Co.

What have been recent highlights for your company?
JASON GROSSMAN: We have made a few hires in our prepress and digital department. We have also invested in new cutting-edge plate-making equipment and prepress software. We are in discussions to purchase a new digital press, finishing unit and flexo press. We have also installed new software to run the business.
We also won our second Flexographic Technical Association environmental award and are the only company to ever have won the award twice. We also won a gold and silver printing award from the FTA.

What does demand for your services say about the health of the local wine business?
MR. GROSSMAN: The local wine market is doing quite well. Existing customers are expanding, and we are seeing lots of new customers. We can see a definite uptick in new wineries. Our laserweb is also getting lots of attention, with new laser projects coming up almost weekly. I believe it is on trend right now.
I would say the Northern California wine industry is quite healthy. I am also hearing that harvest was great for both quantity and quality, just like last year.

What are the top three opportunities and challenges facing your business?
MR. GROSSMAN: We are the only company capable of producing pressure-sensitive laser-cut labels. We are seeing lots of demand for this technology, since it is so unique. Digital printing is coming on strong and only show signs of growing bigger, better and faster. Look for progress in inkjet technology, since this is where lots of manufacturers are putting their resources. Competition is only growing in the wine-label field. There are some big players in the industry, along with some new smaller operations. I expect to see some consolidation in the next couple of years.

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It took a year of intense research and development to design and build our exclusive custom-made, one-of-a-kind Crusher Digital Finishing Press...READ MORE>

HP Digital WS6600

IMG 0357
The extraordinarily versatile WS6600 HP digital press was installed in a specially designed space in our printing plant...READ MORE>

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