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Texture, gold & silver, accent, 
bling, flash, distinctive, opulent.

Foiling and embossing gives your label extraordinarily rich qualities and we are very proud to specialize in both hot foil stamping and sculptural embossing. Since we offer these processes in both flat and rotary formats, we can insure you get the quality and “pizzazz” you are looking for at a price that will please you. We also offer the ability to have an unlimited amount of foil colors tied to deep, sculptured emboss and/or texture.

Since we opened our doors in 1998, we have placed a special emphasis on offering the highest quality foiling and embossing on any quantity of labels. With the capability to foil and emboss inline or on a secondary piece of equipment, we can determine the best way to get you an extremely detailed label at the best price. Inline tooling offers affordability at higher quantities while offline (secondary process) offers lower prices for lower quantities. Both deliver unbelievable quality.

Our secondary process also offers the ability to print multiple and unlimited foil colors on a label while embossing, debossing, and texturing on that same label. In some cases we have printed up to 3 foil colors on a label while adding a sculptured and textured emboss to that same label. A little extreme, but it produced an extraordinary label that the customer wanted and could not get anywhere else.

With three flexo presses that can foil and emboss, and three secondary (offline) presses, we believe that we offer the most solid package for foiling and embossing labels possible. You tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen at the highest quality and lowest cost.

What our customers
are saying:

“We are so lucky to have Paragon Label as a strategic partner to make Artiste and Sunstone successful.”

Bion Rice, Winemaker
Artiste Winery &
Sunstone Vineyards and Winery


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