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Flexo is flexible and fashionable.

Flexography is the most versatile, flexible and fastest growing conventional printing technology in the industry. This printing process, whose roots go back more than a century, allows us to print on a large variety of substrates including plastic, cellophane, metallic film, wood, glass, adhesive-backed paper and other unique mediums. Because it is capable of so many intricate and precise applications – foiling, die cutting, silk screen, laminate, UV varnish, emboss and more – flexography is the ideal solution for printing prestigious and finely detailed pressure sensitive labels for the wine and food industry.

Paragon has a fleet of five flexo presses that range in width from 7 inches to 13 inches and have the capability of printing ten different colors. All presses are equipped with water-based and UV ink systems that allow extreme versatility – delivering a wide variety of effects when printing on different materials. Our primary presses have inline foil and emboss capability along with laminating and multiple die-cut stations. We also have a large selection of tooling to help our customers reduce their own tooling costs and in some cases, eliminate those costs completely. Because of the high speed and volume it can handle, Flexo is the economical alternative to other printing processes.

Fine equipment is an essential part of printing, but craftsmanship and extensive knowledge is critical to producing the finest label possible. All of our pressmen have many years of experience printing high quality labels and they take great pride in the work they produce. Our team is unique as they are eager to take on the most difficult labels as a challenge instead of a burden. Because of this, we are continually innovating new printing techniques and materials and have won many awards for our technical accomplishments.

Our pre-press team uses the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and software available. Some of our pre-press specialists are also talented designers who can help you to create the label you want or assist you with any graphic design needs you might have.

This combination of ‘man and machine’ insures that Paragon is able to consistently print the absolute best label possible. “Without one of these key components we would be just another printer. We know this and that is why we continue to update, upgrade and consistently streamline and expand all aspects of our printing. It’s more than a philosophy, it’s a commitment and a dedication that takes our definition of customer service to a whole new level.

Jason Grossman
President, Paragon Label

What our customers
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“Our family enjoys working with Paragon Label. They ensure quality, attention to detail and have the latest technology to meet our labeling needs. The quality shows every year!”

Shelly Rafanelli, winemaker
A. Rafanelli Winery


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